Maxzone Products Save Fuel Save Money Protect Your Investment

MaxZone is a high performance battery regenerator and fuel/gas saving device that incorporates four technologies.

De-sulfation Keeping your battery at peak performance and extending the working life

Plasma Cleaning Constant comprehensive engine cleaning and de-carbonisation

Proprietary Electron Acceleration and Carrier Wave gives MaxZone the ability to connect and signal your vehicles computer and interact with the on-board systems

All this adds up to make MaxZone like nothing else on the Planet

Try MaxZone for 120 days risk-free.

If you are not completely satisfied with the results you can return it for a full refund.




  • Better fuel economy saves you money on fuel bills

  • Electronically de-carbonise combustion chamber, valves, fuel injectors, spark plug, piston etc.

  • Battery lasts longer

  • Cleaner Emissions

  • Air-condition – higher efficiency

  • Audio system – louder & clearer

  • Lighting – brighter, safety

  • Power steering – smoother

  • Windscreen wiper – smoother

  • Reduces repair cost – less wear & tear

  • Overall greater performance